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Stoneybrook Publishing’s “Highly Personalized” Birthday Card Program.

Fold Over “Hallmark” Style Cards

Mailed in an Envelope

Read below to see what our clients are saying about our Birthday Card and Holiday Card programs. We do not require you to sign any contracts. Getting started is easy. Give us a call today at 800-736-3632 to get started!

Meryl Posner, Office Manager

Meryl Posner, Office Manager

(Dr. Tomas Anderkvist's Office) Los Angeles, CA

We are very happy with the Birthday Program. I can’t begin to tell you how many calls that we receive from patients thanking us for remembering their birthday. It is so rewarding that we can make someone feel so special on their birthday. Great program!!!"

Dr. Gregg Petty

Dr. Gregg Petty

Texarkana, TX

"Stoneybrook's Birthday Card Program is the bomb!! Stoneybrook sends the cards out weekly, so they arrive around my patients' birthdays. No more taking valuable staff time to get the cards out.

Their cards add that personal touch that connects with my patients on an emotional level. My patients tell me they love their name written in icing on the cake AND the free birthday dinner I easily arranged at a local restaurant.

It's a low-cost and highly effective way to increase patient loyalty. It's a win for all — for my practice, my patients and the restaurant! What more could anyone ask for?"

Dr. Kenneth Harden

Our patients love receiving birthday cards from us and Stoneybrook Publishing makes the process easy. These cards are surely an investment worth making.

Terry Fry

Terry Fry

Arizona City, AZ

"I have been with Stoneybrook Publishing since 2002 when I was in the financial services business. I have been sending Birthday Cards for a long time, and even though I am no longer in that business, I still send Birthday Cards to some of my customers from way back. I get phone calls and cards in the mail saying thank you for remembering my Birthday!

Stoneybrook Publishing has a very cost effective way to stay in contact with customers, clients or even friends! What a great service!"

Dr. Taylor Clark

Dr. Taylor Clark

Boise, ID Client since 2011

"Every dentist that wants to impress and keep their current patients needs to send them Stoneybrook's birthday gift card. It is clearly one of the most powerful internal marketing things I've done in my entire Dental Career."

Dr. Neil Logan

Dr. Neil Logan

Cedar City, UT Client since 2000

"Living in a small town, we don't get a lot of people. However, the last two years I have been using the New Resident Mailing System. I average about three good patients a month which gives me about a 5 to 1 return on my money. It has been great! I'm looking forward to incorporating the new Message Center for even better results!"

"I have been mailing Stoneybrook Publishing's patient education newsletter every month since 1989, and their other systems as they were implemented! In both my California practice and my current Utah practice, they worked equally well in both states!

I find that their "Patient Education" Publication keeps maintenance care on top of my patients' minds and informs them of conditions that I treat that they might not expect a Chiropractor to do, such as carpal tunnel, headaches, sciatica and a whole litany of other conditions I've worked on over the last 24+ years.

Their patient symptomatic brochures and posters are absolutely the best in the industry. Stoneybrook's custom birthday cards and their technique for getting the patient a free dinner which costs me nothing, really has an impact when a patient gets a birthday card with a free gift from me!

Mailing Stoneybrook Publishing's educational material since 1989 has absolutely, without a doubt, been one of the best things I have ever done for my practice and I've never missed a month. It's that important to keep my patients educated and in constant touch with my office!"