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The Fast, Easy and Affordable Way to Turn New Residents into Your New Patients!

Our proven “New Resident” Program works for you to produce exceptional results every time you mail!! We get you these great results with a fully automated 2-step mailing program!

First we mail your personalized “Get Acquainted” letter to all the new residents in the zip codes you select. Your custom full-color letters will be typewritten to the new residents with a salutation by their first name. This instantly makes a connection with them!

After the “Get Acquainted” letter, we automatically send follow-up mailings every 30 days 2 or 3 times, your choice, of our incredible full-color, personalized Chiropractic Natural Health.

You will see an increase in your response with the follow-up newsletters. Research has shown that multiple contacts will increase the overall response rate of your marketing campaign.

Chiro New Patients- Neighborhood Program


New Resident Program

Every month, new people are moving into your neighborhood. Do you want them to become your new patients or your competitor’s new patients? Attract the new residents just moving into your neighborhood with our proven two-step system!

Our doctors get an average of about a 5-to-1 return on their marketing investment with this program. Like the Neighborhood Program, we only allow one dentist per area to market to new residents.

For our New Resident Program, the first contact is a legal-sized, full-color welcome letter. Your name and return address and their name and mailing address will show through a white, windowed envelope. Then we mail out 2, 3 or 4 follow-ups, in the subsequent months.

Automated Call Tracking

Having problems with tracking your marketing efforts? We have a Call Tracking system to help you track your marketing efforts and train your staff to better handle calls. Call tracking can be used for any of our marketing campaigns, as well as your website, billboards, radio, TV, newspaper, magazines ads, etc.

If you are not tracking properly, you won’t know if you are continuing to pay for a campaign that is not working or quitting a campaign that is.

Take advantage of our Experience and Success to INCREASE Your New Patients and GROW Your Practice! Call (800) 736-3632 TODAY!