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When you consistently communicate with your patients, they’ll keep coming back, case acceptance will improve, patients will come in more often and they will refer others to you! When you consistently ask for referrals from ALL your patients, you get more Referrals! Our programs are perfect for this!

Patient Education Newsletter Program

We offer TWO types of newsletters to educate your patients on the importance of oral health and how it affects their overall health:

  • Our Standard Newsletter, which is a four-page newsletter with a custom back page (which is the first page patients see when it arrives in the mail), and
  • Our 4-Page Full Custom Newsletter. You can feature your services, new staff, special events, raffles, giveaways, patient-of-the-month, community support, new patient specials for their friends/family, or whatever you like.

These are the perfect vehicles to not only increase your patients’ dental IQ, but keep YOU, YOUR practice and YOUR services top-of-mind. Both newsletters can be mailed to your patients for:

  • MORE referrals
  • BETTER retention through increased frequency of visits
  • REACTIVATION to bring back patients you haven’t seen in a while
  • INCREASED volume of cosmetic procedures

You can tailor your newsletter message specifically to a target audience; for example, active households and less active households. For more “active” households, where you’ve seen someone recently, your marketing can focus on patient retention, REFERRALS and cosmetic procedures. For the “inactive” households…the ones you haven’t seen for 12 months or more, your marketing can focus on getting them back into your office.

Patient Education Newsletter Program


Dental Full Custom Postcards


Full Custom Postcards

We offer 6” x 9” full-color, custom Postcards to mail to your existing patients or to the neighborhood to get new patients, or as a follow-up to the new residents in the area. If mailing more than 5,500 pieces at a time, we offer 6” x 11” cards, as well.

They can be customized for any purpose – to announce a new service, new staff member, special event, new location or say “Happy 4th of July!” You can choose the information and graphics you want on the card, or use or modify any cards from our library or work with your sales associate to come up with the design you want.

Birthday Card Program

Emailing birthday wishes is just SO impersonal. And, it really doesn’t get the same response back as a mailed card. We have a fantastic Birthday Card Program to celebrate each of your patients on their special day!

Our cards are highly customized! We place your color photo and make it look like you’re holding a giant birthday cake. Then, written in icing on the cake, it will read, “Happy Birthday John” (your patient’s name.)

To give the program a bigger impact, we’ll teach you how to work with a local restaurant to give your patients a FREE DINNER for their birthday – the offer is printed right on the card. This program makes a lasting impression! It says, “We Care!” and keeps them coming back and referring friends and family.

That’s why our clients get calls, emails, texts, letters, Facebook posts and even Tweets, thanking them for their card and gift. Many patients comment that it was the ONLY card they got in the mail!

Each month, we’ll send you a copy of the card with the list of patients to whom we will be mailing, then we print the cards and mail them each week, according to their birth day, so they arrive timely on their special day. Just choose a style from our colorful Birthday card library, and we’ll do the rest!

Birthday Card Program


Thanksgiving & Holiday Cards


Thanksgiving & Holiday Cards

Take a load off of your staff’s plate and let us mail our personalized Thanksgiving Day and/or Holiday Cards to your patients for you. There’s no better time of year to thank them for being part of your dental “family”!

Each year, we offer new, festive card designs for Thanksgiving and Holiday cards. The messages and greetings are yours to choose, as well. There is a personal salutation inside each card and you can personalize your cards with your photo, logo and signature. Our Special Occasion Cards include a personalized envelope, and are mailed timely to your patients. This is another excellent touch to keep them coming back and referring friends and family.

Take advantage of our Experience and Success to INCREASE Your Patient Retention, Referrals and Reactivation! Call (800) 736-3632 TODAY!